Exclusive: Lee Brice Talks Current Single “Soul” and Upcoming Headlining Tour

Lee Brice confirms that a collaboration with a special guest is in the works.

Without any bells or whistles, Lee Brice allowed his butter-like baritone vocals carry his performance at Live In The Vineyard Goes Country – touching each “Soul” singing along in the audience. The private concert that overlooked rolling hills of grape vines, served as a small preview to his upcoming Label Me Proud Tour.

With an acoustic guitar placed gently on his lap, the multi-platinum performer delivered fan favorites like – “One of Them Girls,” “Hard To Love,” “Drinking Class,” and “I Don’t Dance.” However, his current single “Soul” instantly had festival-goers on their feet swaying to the groovy rhythm.

A wave of emotion overcame the seasoned singer-songwriter, as he watched country music bring folks back together. It’s the unity and joy that comes along with live music, that Brice missed the most when the entertainment industry was brought to a sudden halt.

“Just having fans back is just awesome,” Brice told CMT following his set. “That energy came back. Those smiles, voices, claps, and real-life people there instead of singing into a camera…that was beautiful,” he stressed.

The hitmaker continued to mention that he was pleasantly surprised by the reaction to his Motown-esque radio single, “Soul.” Kevin Kadish and Tony Ferrari penned the R&B-funk jam, which lives on Brice’s 2020 record, “Hey World.”

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