Brett Eldredge Wants People To Feel In Control Of Their Lives After Watching ‘I Feel Fine’

“I Feel Fine” is from Eldredge’s new album “Songs About You” that will be available June 17.

Brett Eldredge teamed with songwriters Nathan Chapman and Heather Morgan for his moody new song “I Feel Fine.”

Chapman also produced the album and Grant Claire directed the video, which Eldredge said he wanted to “portray this super confident person who has found confidence through a chance to stick up for themselves against the bullies – internally and externally – in their life.”

“I had this idea to be smoking a cigar, sipping some whiskey and just embodying that persona of not letting those mental bullies run your life,” Eldredge said. “You have control of your life. This is the first time I had smoked a cigar in a long time and I was coughing like crazy and laughing a lot and I could taste it for like three days after. The video looks incredible, and it was all worth it. Sometimes you just gotta be an actor, you gotta take on the role, and that’s what I did.”

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