CMT Premiere: Jordan James Releases Fantasy-Like Music Video For Single, “Know How”

Jordan James: “I love the sexy vibe of this video. I hope that fans can watch this video and feel the storytelling aspect of the song.”

Moving on from a breakup can be a challenging task, some may even say it’s “easier said than done.” The cliché motto is proven true in Jordan James’ latest single, “Know How.” Within the mid-tempo track – the Atlanta native catches himself in a vicious cycle, as he continues to run back to his former lover.

To pen the retable single, the newcomer teamed up with talented songsmiths Austin Goodloe, Riley Thomas, and Michael Witworth. Listeners will hear James place his heart on the line throughout the heartbreak banger, produced by Brad Hill and Lalo Guzman.

“‘Know How’ is a song about having a hard time moving on from someone that you care about,” James exclusively told CMT.

While displaying his country-pop sound, CMT’s Next Up Now artist rattles off small actions made by his ex that still leaves him weak in the knees.

“Don’t know how not to feel what I’m feeling | I don’t know how to stop myself from leaning in | When you sit too close | Stir that drink | Blow that smoke | Play that game | Same old song | Same old dance | You know I don’t stand a chance,” he sings. “ How you gonna show up | Looking like that | Wearing that dress |With your hair pulled back |It’s all working|I know it’s on purpose.”

The country crooner turned to video director Doltyn Snedden to bring the roller coaster-like love story to life. The captivating clip lures listeners in from the very first scene, as James is filmed playing his acoustic guitar. While fiddling with the strings, the vocalist is daydreaming about his special someone. Snedden manages to transport the viewer inside James’ complicated, yet provocative thoughts by sharing glimpses of a brown-haired beauty getting dolled up for their date night.

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