Bri Fletcher And Jake Hoot Brings Fans Behind The Scenes of Single “There’s Still Tomorrow” In New Music Video

Bri Fletcher: "This video brought the song to life for me because it really shows how Jake & I collaborated."

Wedding bells were ringing, when breakout star Bri Fletcher was writing “There’s Still Tomorrow.” The Texas native wrote the sentential single alongside long-time friend Katie Austin, Keegan Bost, Ryan Lau, and Sydney Lau. At the time, Austin was about to tie the knot and was pondering how to express her endless love beyond her vows.

After toying with the idea, the group placed pen to paper and created country-pop single, “There’s Still Tomorrow.” Fletcher called in NBC’s “The Voice” winner Jake Hoot to bring the mid-tempo hit to new heights.

The soul-touching track delivers a narrative about a couple head over heels for each other. The romantic melody destined to be a first dance pick by newlyweds nationwide, finds two love lovebirds rattling off reasons why their relationship will last forever.

“I couldn’t love you more than I do right now | But every day’s getting better somehow | ’Cause anywhere you go I follow | There’s never been a day that I don’t |Think I couldn’t love you more than I do right now | But there’s still tomorrow,” Fletcher sings. “Yeah I know all your curves, every twist and turn | Wish I could forget ’em, just to go back and return |Oh, something ’bout the way your name falls off my lips |The only feeling better is the way you kiss | Always want you so bad it hurts,” Hoot fired back showcasing his soulful sound.

Fletcher told CMT that she hopes the underlining message hits home to many, as she believes the feeling of love is universal.

“I hope fans can connect with the song, because I feel like we have all been there before when you are falling in love with someone, and you have such a big capacity for love that it is kind of hard to put into words,” the songstress explained. “This song is a great example of how to show that.”

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