Craig Morgan Invites Jelly Roll To The Grand Ole Opry Stage To Sing “Almost Home”

Jelly Roll receives a sentimental gift from Craig Morgan, and Vince Gill welcomes two musicians into the Opry family.

There was not a dry eye in sight at the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday (June 11) evening. Multi-platinum performer Craig Morgan stepped into the legendary wooden circle to deliver his chart-topping hit “Almost Home.” Before he began his 2002 ballad, he invited country newcomer Jelly Roll [Jason DeFord] to the stage to accompany him on the track.

Jelly Roll’s unconventional upbringing turned him into the successful genre-bending artist he is today. The heavily tatted singer was only 14 years old when he started to make questionable decisions, leaving him in and out of the juvenile justice system.

While navigating challenging times, the Nashville native attended a show at the Opry featuring Morgan. As Jelly Roll sat within the church-like pews, the military veteran’s “Almost Home” consumed the sacred venue.

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