Alyssa Bonagura Proves That Distance Can’t Come Between Love In “Other Side Of The World”

Alyssa Bonagura: "I believe if the love is real, you can make anything work – no matter how far away you are from each other."

“Distance means so little, when someone means so much,” is a cliché motto that hopeless romantics hear time and time again. However, up-and-coming country singer Alyssa Bonagura proved the old-world saying true in her new music video for the single, “Other Side Of The World.”

Bonagura spent nearly a decade fine-tuning her ear-grabbing sound, that goes beyond her country roots. While creating music for Aerosmith’s frontman Steven Tyler and breakout star Jessie James Decker, Bonagura sharpened her songwriting skills. Now, her growth as a well-rounded artist is more than apparent in the mid-tempo love song.

The vocalist penned the relatable track with Dave Pittenger. While telling a tale about a healthy long-distance relationship, Bonagura worked alongside producers Sean Colin Kennedy and Dan Wharton to bring the rom-com-like narrative full circle.

Within the melody that displays her wide vocal range and infectious country-pop pipes, a protagonist finds themselves fantasizing about uniting with their lover across the pond. Until the two love birds find themselves back together, the main character describes how they manage to keep their romantic flame lit.

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