CMT Premiere: Madison Kozak Debuts “One Girl To Another,” A Thank You To The Girl Who Came Before Her

Madison Kozak: "Here's to minor chords and major feelings."

Madison Kozak’s new song “One Girl To Another” is a balm for a jealous heart as she sings about appreciating her boyfriend’s ex for breaking his heart and helping him become the man he is today.

Written by Kozak, Pete Good, AJ Babcock, and Brandon Ratcliff, song lyrics include: From one girl to another| Girl, I owe it all to you|For saying you weren’t right for each other| And breaking his whole heart in two| Cause when you said goodbye| He didn’t know| It’d be the last time that he’d ever go|From one girl to another.

“One Girl To Another” combines Kozak’s angelic, expressive voice with drums and strings to tell the story of a girl rethinking a common situation.

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