CMT Premiere: Curt Chambers Debuts “Say My Name,” A Tribute Track To His Mother

Curt Chambers: "I wrote this song for my mother to show her that I have come far from that little boy."

Like many individuals, Grammy Award winner Curt Chambers wants to make his parents proud. The genre-bending musician, known for his impressive fusions of country, rock, gospel, and hip hop – released “Say My Name,” a tribute track dedicated to his mother, Sharon.

The Philadelphia native penned the vulnerable single alongside multi-platinum artist Chris Young and Christian Davis Stalnecker. Chambers left his heart and soul on the writing table, as he dug deep to convey a personal story about his childhood. While plucking away at his acoustic guitar and displaying his infectious vocals, Chambers recalls his disruptive adolescent behavior.

The razor-sharp lyrics that describe Chambers’ growth as a man, are destined to spark a chill down listeners’ spines. The seasoned singer-songwriter explains that he would like to hear his mother use his full name in a better light than in the past.

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