T.J. Osborne Talks Songwriting And Why He Keeps His Lyrics “Gender Neutral”

T.J. Osborne serves as the Grand Marshal at the 2022 Nashville Pride Festival and opens up about his relationship with boyfriend, Abi Ventura

Country music hitmaker T.J. Osborne came out of the closet in early February of last year. Since becoming the first openly-gay country artist signed to a major label, Osborne has used his platform to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and to express himself.

The Grammy Award-winner recently caught up with Proud Radio with Hunter Kelly on Apple Music Country to detail how his sexuality has played a vital role in his artistry.

If fans pay close attention to the songs within his impressive repertoire, they will notice that Brothers Osborne uses “gender-neutral” lyrics. The decision to change their songwriting approach came after the release of “Rum,” which lives on their 2014 self-titled collection.

“In that song, it doesn’t really reference necessarily a relationship, but it says, ’Sitting with the finest example of a beautiful girl,'” he explained. “And I liked the way that line is. I just liked the way it sounds, but I knew from then I was like, ’I don’t ever want to say girl again in a song.'”

Osborne continued to explain that writing the lyric in “Rum” did not feel right, and now he avoids writing or recording songs with the word “girl” in it.

“I just knew that it hit the gut in a weird way,” he said about the writing process. “Now, if you notice, from there, every other song we had was gender-neutral. We didn’t have anything specific about that,” he added.

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