CMT Premiere: Ty Herndon Brings Positivity And Hope With New Song, Video “Till You Get There”

Ty Herndon: "It's a song about the power of positive thinking."

Ty Herndon is singing in the holiday weekend with an uplifting burst of positivity and reassurance that someday the hard times will make sense.

With a voice that is as strong and clear as it was decades ago, Herndon enthusiastically delivers “Till You Get There.” Written by Herndon, Jamie Floyd, Erik Halbig and Jimmy Thow, the lyrics include: Every scar and every broken heart is exactly what you needed, I swear. But you won’t know it till you get there.

“It’s a song about the power of positive thinking,” Herndon explains. “We all have the power to change our own endings, and when I look into the camera in that final moment of the song, I hope the look on my face reminds folks that the best is yet to come in their lives and for all of us!”

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