Luke Combs Says Food and Golf Are a Challenge for Him, But He Wants to Set a Good Example

Luke Combs: "Food is the only drug that you're addicted to that you have to have to live."

Luke Combs is a new dad and is staring a stadium tour in the face. It might seem like he’s on top of the world. And in many ways, he is. However, Combs admits he has struggles, too. Food and golf are kryptonite for one of country music’s biggest stars.

Combs acknowledges that his 3X t-shirt size indicates he’s not the healthiest eater and says he wants to make healthier choices for himself, his son and the fans.

“It was always something that bugged me,” Combs says of his size on Apple Music 1. “You’re just like, ’Man, I just got a horrible genetic dice roll on this thing.’ You start to realize that almost even more when you’re older.”

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