CMT Premiere: Spencer Crandall Heads to Salt Flats to Explore The End Of Relationships with “What Do We Do Now?”

Spencer Crandall wants to normalize the confusion people feel during breakups with "What Do We Do Now?"

What happens when a relationship ends? Who gets to keep the concert tickets you bought together? What about the trip you planned? And who keeps the Target, and who finds a new place to shop?

These are all questions Spencer Crandall asks in his new song and video “What Do We Do Now?”

Written by Crandall, Scott Porter and Joe Tounge, the song explores what the romantic relationship turns into when the romance is over and people realize they’re not going to work as a couple.

“’What Do We Do Now?’ is a song that tells the story of being lost and confused at the very moment when a relationship ends,” Crandall said. “I really wanted to convey all the feelings when you are trying to figure out how to unravel the two lives that have been growing closer together through the course of a relationship.”

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