CMT Premiere: London-Based Artist Rachel Croft Releases Reflective Single, “Hurricane”

Rachel Croft: "This song is for anyone who ever dared to stray from the beaten path."

Genre-bending artist Rachel Croft has proven that you don’t need a label giant backing your craft in today’s climate to make waves in the music industry. Her story as an independent artist is effortlessly told in her recent single “Hurricane,” a soulful track that displays Croft’s clean and captivating sound.

Although music is unmistakably Croft’s calling, the London-based performer said she questioned her path. She knew her passion for storytelling and singing was too strong to be ignored. Not falling for her conflicting feelings, she was encouraged to march to the beat of her own dream.

“Thinking about my journey and choice in life to be a creative person and independent artist has been something I dwell on a lot – and whether or not it’s the right path,” the songstress explained on YouTube. “This song is for anyone who ever dared to stray from the beaten path and the torn feeling about that which come along many steps of the way. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it,” she added.

Croft worked alongside Johnny Hooker to produce the thought-provoking track. To bring the razor-sharp lyrics to life, she turned to critically acclaimed video director Andy Little. The two returned to the place where “Hurricane” was born – Young Thugs Studio.

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