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OFFSTAGE: Brad Paisley Gets African Spear in Return for Cow
A Cow Brad Paisley Donated to the Maasai Tribe
A Cow Brad Paisley Donated to the Maasai Tribe
Photo Credit: Steve Grunwald
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It took WYCD/Detroit's Steve Grunwald about 17 hours -- and a lot of Brad Paisley's own money -- to fly to Nairobi, Kenya. And then once he got there, he drove five hours south to give the chief of the Maasai tribe a cow that Paisley bought for them. (He also gave him three other cows, gifts from Rascal Flatts.) "There are all these little towns in Kenya, and you can buy anything you want, every day. So I bought the four cows. They start at around $450 and go up to about $1,000," Grunwald told me Tuesday morning (Oct. 16). "And they knew I was coming with the cows. So the tribe waited by the side of the road for me for a couple of days." Grunwald also brought the tribe some Detroit hats, flashlights and some Paisley T-shirts. He even brought them some new Paisley music to listen to on their battery-operated CD player. "They have no running water. No electricity. And they lose cattle to animals -- like lions -- all the time. It's a rough life," he said. But even so, the tribe was so grateful, they gave Grunwald handmade gifts to bring back to America. Like a drum made with animal skin, bracelets and a spear made just for Paisley.
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