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OFFSTAGE: Should Keith Urban and Ashley Monroe Start Kree Harrison Fan Club?
Kree Harrison
Kree Harrison
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If Kree Harrison wins American Idol, I think I know who will be founding members of her fan club -- Keith Urban and Ashley Monroe. They've both been outspoken about her talent all season. And this week was no exception. During the "Rock Week" theme, Harrison did a well-received cover of "Piece of My Heart," a song that was a hit for both Janis Joplin and Faith Hill. Urban seemed concerned about her, though, asking her what it was like performing in some very high-heeled boots. "It looks like you were struggling a bit to move around. I'm trying to find out if there was something holding you back tonight from performing," he asked her, and she explained she had a pinched nerve. "Your voice is so good that you can just coast through it, and you're such a professional. Ten out of 10 for your professionalism, Kree." And earlier, the Pistol Annies' Monroe told CMT Radio she was pushing for Harrison, too. "Kree Harrison should win American Idol -- the end of it! Y'all have heard me talk about her," Monroe raved. "My God, Kree is blowing my mind on Idol. So good. So proud!"
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