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Few Country Music Big Shots Contributing to Presidential Contenders
Few country music big shots seem ready to stake their lives, fortunes and sacred honor on the forthcoming presidential mud-wrestle. Particularly their fortunes. But a few have chipped in.

An individual can contribute up to $1,000 per candidate for the primary election and an additional $1,000 for the general election, a spokeswoman at the Gore 2000 headquarters says.

A search through the contribution records filed with the Federal Election Commission on behalf of George W. Bush and Al Gore turns up these country music-related names:

For Bush -- Joe Bonsall, of the Oak Ridge Boys, $1,000; Blake Mevis, record producer, $1,000; Loretta Lynn, $2,000; Gary Chapman, entertainer and former TNN variety show host, $2,000; Terry London, President and CEO of Gaylord Entertainment, $1,000; Gary Overton, Vice President and General Manager of EMI Music Publishing, $1,000; Bill Ham, Chairman of Lonewolf Management and owner of the Hamstein Music Group, $1,000; Doug Howard, Vice President of A&R for Lyric Street Records, $500.

For Gore -- Frances Preston, President and CEO of BMI and Lifetime Director of the Country Music Association, $1,000; Ralph Peer II, owner of Peermusic and Lifetime Director of the Country Music Association, $1,000; Rick Blackburn, former President of Atlantic Records/Nashville, $1,000; Bruce Hinton, Chairman of MCA Records/Nashville, $1,000; songwriter Randy Goodrum, $1,000; Randy Rayburn, Music Row restaurateur, $1,000; songwriter and performer Marshall Chapman, $500; writer and songwriter Alice Randall, $500; songwriter Sandy Ramos, $500; Susan Nadler, Senior Vice President of Asylum Records, $500; Jim Ed Norman, President of Warner/Reprise Records/Nashville, $250; songwriter and performer Bernie Leadon, $250; Harold Bradley, President of the Nashville Association of Musicians, Local 257, $250.

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