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Missy Elliott Apologizes To Fat Fans, Says She Still Reps For 'Overweight Adults'
MC also discusses her hypertension in letter posted online.
Missy Elliott has given her fans the skinny on getting skinny and
offered an apology to the obese folks she may have offended in her "Pass That
Dutch" video.

In a letter to fans posted on her Web site in late
December, Missy answered those who, through the site's bulletin board,
were angry that Missy was showing off a trimmer form recently. "To all
my fans who are upset about this, I still represent for overweight
adults and kids but I am also now painfully and personally aware of the
health issues," she wrote.

The health issue referred to is hypertension, with which Missy admitted she
was recently diagnosed. "Weight was my issue and I had to drop the
pounds," she continued. "Look at Big Pun and Luther Vandross, I did not
want to end up like them."

In the same letter, Missy apologized for her depiction of fat people in
the "Pass That Dutch" video, particularly the visuals of four heavy
ladies in a jeep during the lines, "If you's a fat one, put your
clothes back on/ Before you start putting potholes in my lawn" (see "Missy The Scarecrow Riverdances In Cornfield For 'Pass That Dutch': Lens Recap").

"I simply meant that you should dress right for your body size," Missy
explained. "I have always been a big girl myself and I always took
pride in the fact that I never had to change my body to be considered
beautiful or successful." Missy concluded the note by saying her real
supporters would stand by her and support her effort to get healthy.

Evangelized fans who accept Missy's explanation can soon see her
showing off more of her svelte self. Missy will shoot a video for "I'm
Really Hot" with Bryan Barber in Los Angeles next week. The song is the
second single from her most recent album, This Is Not a Test!
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