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Roommates Give the Dish on Southern Nights
Devin, Collin and Cassie chat about the show.
Roommates from CMT's new show Southern Nights -- Devin Grissom, Cassie Rupp and Collin Varallo -- talk about their experience of living with other cast members from all three seasons of Sweet Home Alabama. "There's so much stuff that goes on," Grissom explains. "There's breakups, there's makeups, there's all sorts of things like fighting that goes on. Collin knows all about that, and it's just a really good time. We got to be really close."

Southern Nights airs Saturday nights at 10/9c on CMT. Collin, since Devin sent you home in the first season, what was going through your mind when you saw she was going to be your housemate?

Collin: A lot, you know. She did walk into the house with a boyfriend.

Devin: It wasn't a boyfriend!

Collin: It was some type of relationship. So at that point in time, I really didn't know what was going to go on. It was very shocking to see her. I was very excited to see her. I wasn't expecting anything, but my feelings did come out for her again, and it was in a different mindset from Sweet Home Alabama. I mean not in the fact that we lived together, but we got to see a different side of each other.

Devin: We got to know each other a lot better.

Collin: We did. We got a lot closer. I wouldn't have done anything different. Cassie, we had a viewer say that they wanted Tribble to pick you, but now they think you'd be a good match for Bubba. What do you think about that?

Cassie: You know what? I've heard that a lot, and I'm not opposed to that idea at all! I think it's a good idea! Did you watch the third season of Sweet Home Alabama? What did you think of the men in the house?

Cassie: Paige is the luckiest girl in the entire world. I watched it and thought, oh my gosh, he's my favorite, and then the next day somebody else was my favorite. I loved all those guys, and every single one that I've gotten to meet from season three has been absolutely amazing. She had 22 of the best guys in the world.

Devin: I disagree!

Collin: Yeah, I wouldn't say that!

Devin: I had the best guys!

Cassie: They were just awesome. I have met Bubba and he's just great. He's a big sweetheart. And I appreciate that, and that's very flattering, to think that I could be with Bubba, so thanks! Was there someone who showed up in the house who you saw and thought, "Uh oh?"

Collin: In Sweet Home Alabama, me and Flex didn't get along. We're just on two different pages, age wise, and he's always going to be ... like, if I've done something, he's done it better. I don't know if the girls see it or not. But when I saw him, and that we were going to be living together, not only was I going to see a different side -- because we weren't battling for one girl -- it was different to see how he was going live his lifestyle, how he was going to handle the nightlife, how he was going to handle the girls, the guys who come back to the house, the fights, what was going to go on between me and him and if we were going to get along.

Devin: I get along with just about everybody in any situation, so I really wasn't that worried. I guess when Tristan first moved in I thought it might be kind of weird -- because I dated Tribble and she dated Tribble.

Cassie: We ALL dated Tribble!

Devin: Well yeah, seriously! So I didn't know how that would be, but I got along with everyone. There were so many weird love triangles, but we all just kind of worked through it.

Cassie: I went into it with no idea who I was going to be living with. I wasn't worried about any person in particular. I was really excited to get to know everybody, because for the most part, I didn't know any of them at all. I was just really excited to get to know all these totally different people. In watching the trailers, it seems a lot of alcohol is consumed, a lot of fist fights. How crazy did it get?

Cassie: It got really crazy. Everything that happened exceeded every expectation I had. But it wasn't all crazy. It wasn't all fighting and all drinking. There were also a lot of good times, happy times, times when we were actually sober. Times that we were really getting along and doing family events and having family meetings. So we saw the most extreme event and every single emotion you can have. Did personalities change with the consumption of alcohol?

Collin: I wouldn't say crazy, but it definitely took the filter off of some people. What were some of the fun things you got to do?

Cassie: The haunted house!

Collin: That was one, and we explored the town a lot, and so we got to know the town real fast real well. We were known there pretty fast because of all the cameras and we travel in a pack. But I'm an outdoors guy so I loved the adventure travel to South Carolina to go four-wheel riding. I think the trip we took to Jacksonville, Fla., was really cool, too.

Devin: We had a lot of just chill days, of going to the park and just hanging out.

Cassie: Playing cornhole.

Collin: We played a lot of cornhole. Who was the best at cornhole?

Devin: Me and Cassie. We killed Tex and Collin!

Collin: We had a pretty hard-core team going.

Devin: We had a match and Cassie and I dominated them.

Collin: So we did stuff like that, and I think the campfire was really cool, too. We went deep sea fishing as well.

Devin: Oh yeah, deep sea fishing! I caught the biggest fish.

Collin: Yeah, she did. Why would someone want to watch this show?

Devin: I think they should watch it to get to know some of their favorites and maybe not-so favorites in a totally different way. You get to see distinctions of our personalities and get to see us interact with all sorts of different people. They're going to get to know us a lot better.

Collin: Yeah, in Sweet Home Alabama you did really just see my sweet side. I'm not saying you don't see it on this show either, but you see my real character and who I am.

Cassie: We are a big group of people who actually hold nothing back. And I think that's really rare. If you think of your daily friends or your family, I don't know of very many people who are as blunt and honest and completely upfront and completely letting their guard down like we did. When you put our different personalities, our different backgrounds and our different lifestyles together, and you look at it, and we're all just being completely open with each other and honest, and everybody knows how everyone feels at all times, it's kind of refreshing to see how much more interesting life is when you are just honest and upfront with people.

Collin: Honestly, when watching it, I'm expecting people to say things you didn't hear when they go into confessionals, but I'm not too worried about anybody stabbing anybody in the back. Everything surfaced right away, and that's really good. Everybody was real to everything. And that's the biggest thing about the show, is, every bit of it was real. Everything that happened, there was nothing that was staged. Was there city versus country this time?

Devin: There were city and country people, but Cody, Tex and Collin got along together, and Jersey and Flex kind of had their thing, and they were probably closer friends.

Collin: It wasn't like there was battling. I mean, we do share our differences of how we do something in the South as to how you do something in the North.

Devin: Kristina was pretty much one of the country girls.

Collin: Everybody wanted to be everybody before the season was over anyways. The city guys coming in, Jersey and Flex, they wanted to wear cowboy boots before the season was over with.

Cassie: I still want to dress up in OC's closet!
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