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Sweet Cucumber Pickles
Hazel's Hot Dish Recipe of the Week
Sweet Cucumber Pickles

First Day:

7 pounds cucumbers, washed and sliced

1 cup lime

water to cover

Soak cucumbers in lime water, being sure all are submerged.

(Mama would place the cucumbers in a churn, then put our chipped plate over them with a flat iron on top. Submerged? You bet!)

Second Day:

4 pounds sugar

1 quart vinegar

1 tablespoon pickling spice tied in a cloth

1 tablespoon salt

Rinse cucumbers thoroughly, twice, in cold water. (Mama wanted that lime washed away.) Drain well and soak in sugar, vinegar, pickling spice and salt mixture.

Third Day:

Simmer cucumbers in sugar, vinegar, spices and salt solution for 20 minutes after the cucumbers start to boil. Do not cook fast. Put in jars and seal with a hot water bath.

Makes about 9 pints.

Makes real good sweet pickles.
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