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Photos   -  '90s Country Stars

Alabama flipbook Alabama stays true to their roots, literally.
 Reba McEntire rocked the '90's look with big fashion and big hair to match.
 Alison Krauss looks classic no matter what the decade.
Alabama flipbook Billy Ray Cyrus rockin' his iconic "business in the front, party in the back" hair style.
 Trisha Yearwood is timeless.
 Toby Keith, is that you?
Travis Tritt's '90's Look Travis Tritt has kept his '90's look well intact through the years.
 Do you spell "Tracy" with an "ey" or just a "y"? Oh look, a spell check on the guitar strap. How thoughtful, Tracy Lawrence.
 Randy Travis showing some swag in the '90s.
 Patty Loveless wears the '90s well.