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Photos   -  Alan Jackson: "Good Time" Video Shoot

Alan Jackson on the "Good Time" Set Alan Jackson rides in a vintage car on the set of "Good Time."
Alan Jackson's "Good Time" Alan Jackson prepares for a take on the "Good Time" video set.
Alan Jackson and Dancers Having a "Good Time" Alan Jackson and scores of line dancers perform while making the "Good Time" video.
The Making of Alan Jackson's "Good Time" Line dancers ascend a ramp to the stage while being filmed for the "Good Time" video.
"Good Time" Video Shoot The set of Alan Jackson's video for "Good Time"
Line Dancers Prepare for "Good Time" Line dancers wait for direction on the set of Alan Jackson's video for "Good Time."
Alan Jackson's Line Dancing Friends in "Good Time" Video Line dancers step to "Good Time" on a stretch of highway at the video shoot.
Line Dancers Featured in "Good Time" Video Line dancers strut along a gravel drive during the taping of Alan Jackson's "Good Time" video.