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Photos   -  All Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Pictures

A Bride in 5th Grade A new bride tries to answer a question.
Here Comes the Bride A new bride is ready for 5th grade.
Hi-Five the Bride A bride celebrates a correct answer with her classmate.
A Bride in School A bride tries to answer a question.
Happy Bride A bride gets a correct answer.
Big Kenny Big Kenny greets one of his fellow 5th graders.
Good Job! Big Kenny gets a question correct.
Playing for Charity The money Big Kenny wins will be donated to charity.
A Good Time Who knew 5th grade could be so much fun?
Thinking ... Big Kenny is working on an answer.
A Little Help Big Kenny's fellow 5th grader helps with an answer.
It's Not Easy Big Kenny tries to think of the correct answer.
Time to Celebrate Big Kenny is happy with his answer.
He Gets an A+ Big Kenny got it right.
Big Kenny and Jeff Big Kenny (left) and Jeff Foxworthy are ready to play the game.
Lots of Fun Big Kenny is enjoying the game.
At His Desk Big Kenny takes 5th grade seriously.
Let's Play Big Kenny (left) and Jeff Foxworthy enjoy the game.
Big Kenny Big Kenny is one of the country music stars playing for charity.
What's the Answer? Bucky Covington discusses a question with one of his fellow 5th graders.
Pick Your Subject Bucky Covington answers a question in hopes of raising more money for his charity.
Bucky and Jeff Bucky Covington (left) takes on Jeff Foxworthy's challenge.
Emily West Emily West is excited to play the game.
BFF Emily West's new best friend helps her with an answer.
Cheers! Emily West gets an answer right.
Emily and Jeff Emily West takes on Jeff Foxworthy's challenge.
On His Way to School Jack Ingram knows how to make a grand entrance.
Pick a Question Jack Ingram decides on a subject.
The Class The 5th grade class is ready to go.
A Little Help A 5th grade student helps Jack Ingram with his answers.