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Photos   -  Can You Duet: Rory Feek

Rory Feek This is at Marcy Jo's Mealhouse with our friend Bradley Walker. He's the best new country music singer out there in our opinion.
Rory Feek This is Joey and I at the Wildhorse Saloon, the day of our initial Can You Duet audition. We were excited and nervous at the same time!
Rory Feek This is Joey and I at her Mama June's in Alexandria, Indiana. It's the farmhouse where her family lived when she was born and she spent her whole life in, before she moved to Nashville.
Rory Feek This is my father Robert Feek in the 1970's. My dad was a great singer. He passed away in 1988. I wish he could be here for this.
Rory Feek Rory + Joey
Rory Feek This is me and my daughters Hopi and Heidi when they were about 9 and 11. It would be another four years before Joey and my paths would cross and she would come into our lives.