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Photos   -  Can You Duet: Ruth Collins

Ruth Collins Ruthie hanging out at the farm.
Ruth Collins Vic and I on one of our famous road trips where we boycott makeup and eat double cheeseburgers!
Ruth Collins 5th grade: I won an essay competition and had to give a speech to the school on drug and alcohol abuse!
Ruth Collins Hanging out in the trees:)
Ruth Collins One of my very first piano recitals! I think I was three here.
Ruth Collins This is how I spent my childhood.
Ruth Collins One of my very first violin recitals! I was three years old!
Ruth Collins After the move to nashville ... playing a show in Elizabethtown, Ky.
Ruth Collins Middle School recital ... I was definitely going through an awkward stage here!
Ruth Collins What do you get when you put a New York grape and a Georgia peach together? Wild Honey of course!