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Learning the Moves The girls work hard to do a great routine.
Competition The girls compete to be the best.
Looking Good All their hard work pays off during competition.
All Together The team gives it everything they've got during competition.
Let's Go Team The girls pose for a photo.
The Team The girls are ready for some tough competition.
High Flying The girls work together to create a great routine.
Aim for Perfection The girls work hard to make every move perfect.
Safety First The girls make sure their teammates have a safe landing.
All Together The team works hard to make sure every move is perfected.
Big Smiles The girls enjoy learning new moves.
Big Smiles The girls have all the right moves.
They've Got the Moves The girls show their stuff.
A Watchful Eye A coach watches the girls practice a move.
Having Fun The girls take a break.
Prepare to Launch The girls get ready to toss a teammate in the air.
Trust Your Teammates The girls prepare to catch a teammate.
In the Air A cheerleader gains some height with the help of her teammates.
Grace and Beauty A high-flying move takes lots of practice.