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Photos   -  CMT Cribs ep.3

Charlie Daniels Welcome to Charlie Daniels' home.
In the Kitchen Charlie Daniels gives a personal tour of his home.
Enjoy the View Charlie Daniels loves hanging out on the deck.
On the Green Charlie Daniels shows his private putting green.
Meet the Horses Charlie Daniels and his wife Hazel introduce their adorable horses.
Craig's Crib Welcome to Craig Morgan's home.
Living Room Craig Morgan gives a tour of his living room.
Bedroom Craig Morgan shows his bedroom.
TV Room Craig Morgan's TV room is filled with hunting souvenirs.
Best Seat in the House Craig Morgan checks out his favorite spot for watching TV.
Take a Dive Craig Morgan heads to the back yard and the pool.
Varoom! Craig Morgan shows his racing gear.
Hello There Dierks Bentley is greeting by his dogs Jake and George.
Take the Tour Dierks Bentley gives a personal tour of his home.
What's in the Fridge? Dierks Bentley checks out what's lurking in the fridge.
Outside Dierks Bentley takes a look outside.
In the Nursery Dierks Bentley and his dogs enjoy spending time in the nursery.
The Bedroom Dierks Bentley gives a tour of his bedroom.
Dierks' Toys Dierks Bentley takes a ride on his motorcycle.