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Getting the Party Started OneRepublic and Dierks Bentley (left) perform one of each other's hits on <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Feeling the Energy Dierks Bentley (left) is all smiles while OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder sings on <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
A Little Bit of Team Work Dierks Bentley (left) and OneRepublic perform before a lively audience on <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Getting Some Help From Their Friends Dierks Bentley (left) and OneRepublic get fans to sing along during their version of <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Multi-Talented Star OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder takes a break from singing to play piano on <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Here's Looking at You Dierks Bentley interacts with the audience while filming <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Caught Up in the Moment Dierks Bentley shares a smile while filming <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Taking a Stroll OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder (left) walks around the stage while singing with Dierks Bentley on <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Sharing the Moment Dierks Bentley (left) and OneRepublic enjoy applause from the audience during their edition of <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Under the Hot Lights OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder takes over lead vocals for a moment on <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Throw Your Hands Up Dierks Bentley (left) and OneRepublic thank the crowd during their edition of <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Taking the Lead Patrick Stump (left) feels the groove as Kimberly Perry takes the lead when Fall Out Boy and The Band Perry join forces to entertain on <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
A Match Made in Nashville Kimberly Perry punctuates her powerful vocals with a physical exclamation point during a <I>CMT Crossroads</I> taping.
Throw Your Hands Up The audience at <I>CMT Crossroads: Fall Out Boy and The Band Perry</I> more than matches the bands with their energy as hands and bodies shoot up.
Give It All Fall Out Boy singer Patrick Stump claps along as The Band Perry's frontwoman delivers a song with a punch.
Team Effort No one was on the sidelines while filming <I>CMT Crossroads: Fall Out Boy and The Band Perry</I> and Kimberly Perry even picks up a guitar for this number.
Talking It Over Patrick Stump (left), Pete Wentz and Kimberly Perry discuss their <I>CMT Crossroads</I> performance.
Country Meets Alternative The Band Perry and Fall Out Boy put new spins on their hits as they rehearse for their edition of <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Rockin' in Music City Fall Out Boy and The Band Perry prepare for their taping of <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Meet-and-Greet Pete Wentz (left) and Reid Perry greet one another at rehearsals for <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Combining Their Talents Fall Out Boy and The Band Perry sing onstage during rehearsals for <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Sharing Stories Kimberly Perry and Pete Wentz look at something on Wentz's cell phone during rehearsals for <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Doin' Their Thing Fall Out Boy and The Band Perry run through their <I>CMT Crossroads</I> performance.
They "Own the Night" Lady Antebellum and Stevie Nicks (second from right) perform their hits on <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Taking the Lead Stevie Nicks (right) sings lead on a tune while performing with Lady Antebellum on <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Talking About Their Craft Lady Antebellum's Dave Haywood plays piano and chats with Stevie Nicks on <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Keeping the Audience Entertained Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley and Stevie Nicks sing together on <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Having a Blast Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott (left) and Charles Kelley are all smiles performing alongside Stevie Nicks on <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Lovin' Every Minute of It Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott (left) and Stevie Nicks perform during <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.
Powerhouse Vocals Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott (left) and Stevie Nicks share the stage for <I>CMT Crossroads</I>.