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Photos   -  CMT Listen Up: Charlie Worsham

Crowd Connection Charlie Worsham enjoying his performance for CMT's <I>Listen Up</I>
Amongst the Lights Charlie Worsham delivers a live performance in Nashville.
Full House Charlie Worsham and his band draw a crowd at Rocketown in downtown Nashville.
Passion for Playing Charlie Worsham and his band rock the stage during their taping for CMT's <I>Listen Up</I>.
Animated Acoustics Charlie Worsham and his band fill the room with energy during their show at Rocketown in Nashville.
Feeling the Music Charlie Worsham delivers an unforgettable performance for CMT's <I>Listen Up</I>.
Center Stage Charlie Worsham receives fan approval during his live performance in the heart of Nashville.
Focused Harmonies CMT's <I>Listen Up</I> captures a once-in-a-lifetime show by Charlie Worsham in downtown Nashville.