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Professional Wrestler Chris is ready to achieve his lifelong goal of becoming a professional wrestler.
Family Time Chris spends some time with his wife and daughter before leaving to train.
Meeting His Coach Chris meets with his coach, "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan, former TNA World Tag Team champion.
Becoming Tough Chris starts getting in the mindset of a professional wrestler.
Wearing a Mask Different techniques are used to help Chris become a professional wrestler.
The Ring Matt challenges Chris to get in the ring.
Wrestling Chris realizes how much it takes to be a professional wrestler.
Pride Chris's wife shows how proud she is of him.
Second Thoughts Chris has second thoughts about whether he can achieve his goal.
Training Chris wrestles in the ring as part of his training.
Regaining Composure Chris takes a break from wrestling to regain his composure.
Ready to Dominate Chris is ready to show everyone he has what it takes.
Good Luck Coach Matt gives Chris a hug before he starts the wrestling match.
Not Looking Good It doesn't look good for Chris as he gets banged around in the ring.
Awaiting His Target Matt is ready to turn Chris into a professional wrestler.