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Photos   -  CMT Made: Roller Derby

Mother of Three Can Leann transform herself into a roller derby queen?
Practice Time Leann practices with her daughter.
Lucky and Leann Leann chats with her coach, Lucky 7.
Big Smiles Leann, her kids and Lucky make a face for the camera.
Is She Ready? Leann talks about her experience.
Lucky 7 Leann's coach Lucky 7 talks about the challenge.
Practice Makes Perfect Leann practices her skating skills.
Ouch Life on the roller derby track isn't always glamorous.
Safety Gear Good pads are a key element to the roller derby.
Fun Times Skater take time for fun in a parking lot.
In the Game Leann listens to her coach, Lucky 7.
Tough Girl Leann rules the track.
On the Track Leann is in a jam.
Big Hug Leann and Lucky 7 take time for a hug.