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Photos   -  CMT One Country Partner: Feeding America

Hot Diggity Dog A smiling girl looks forward to a healthy and fun meal from Feeding America.
Gratitude An elderly woman receives food from Feeding America.
Growing Boys Young boys sit down for a meal provided by Feeding America.
Boxed Lunch Feeding America volunteers box up donated foods for those in need.
Sorting Time A Feeding America volunteer sorts donated canned food items.
Lunchtime A boy and other children enjoy lunch from Feeding America.
A Picture of Happiness A young girl smiles as she eats a meal provided by Feeding America.
Happy Customers Adults shop for items at Feeding America.
Helping Hands A Feeding America volunteer tosses a healthy salad.
Lunch Is Served Feeding America volunteers prep trays of food before a meal.
Cleanup A Feeding America volunteer washes trays after a meal.
Feeding America Volunteers Feeding America volunteers load trucks with boxes of donated food.
Volunteers Pack Boxes Volunteers pack boxes for Feeding America.
Stocked Shelves Donations keep the shelves stocked at Feeding America.
Sorting Donations Volunteers for Feeding America sort donations.
Real Need People in real need benefit from Feeding America.
Real Help Families benefit from the work of Feeding America.
Does a Body Good A tray of food warrants a big smile.
A Square Meal Thanks to Feeding America, a man enjoys a nutritious meal.
A Helping Hand A caring volunteer helps an elderly woman at Feeding America.
The Importance of a Meal Feeding America makes a meal possible for several people.
Sweet Potatoes Fresh sweet potatoes are available thanks to Feeding America.
Ready Volunteers Volunteers stand ready to distribute fresh carrots.
Working Together Food is distributed and packed by several voltuneers.
Young Volunteers Young volunteers inspect and pack food donations.
Food Warehouse One of Feeding America's food warehouses stores donations.
Good Food A young boy enjoys spaghetti thanks to Feeding America.
Mother and Child A mother and her son eat a meal provided by Feeding America.
Groceries for the Week Mother and daughter leave Feeding America with their groceries.
Lunch Is Ready An elderly man and woman prepare to eat lunch.