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Photos   -  CMT Unplugged: Little Big Town

A Perfect Blend Little Big Town blend their voices for their signature sound during <I>CMT Unplugged</I>.
Center Stage Little Big Town perform for a crowd of fans for <I>CMT Unplugged</I>.
Sweet Harmonies The four members of Little Big Town blend their voices during <I>CMT Unplugged</I>.
A Round of Applause Fans applaud the <I>CMT Unplugged</I> performance by Little Big Town.
Clapping to the Rhythm Little Big Town keep the beat during their <I>CMT Unplugged</I> performance.
Pure Talent Little Big Town show off their amazing vocal talents at <I>CMT Unplugged</I>.
On Camera CMT cameras film Little Big Town's <I>Unplugged</I> performance.
In the Spotlight Little Big Town are in the spotlight on the <I>CMT Unplugged</I> stage.
Full House Fans pack the studio for the Little Big Town <I>Unplugged</I> performance.
Sweet Sounds Little Big Town sing their hit "Pontoon" for the <I>CMT Unplugged</I> show.
Unplugged Performance Little Big Town perform new music during <I>CMT Unplugged</I>.
Intimate Performance The CMT studio offers an intimate surrounding for fans.
Shine On Little Big Town perform for <I>CMT Unplugged</I>.
Cameras Rolling Cameras focus on Little Big Town's <I>CMT Unplugged</I> performance.
Sweet Music Man Fellow band members look to Phillip Sweet during the <I>CMT Unplugged</I> performance.