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Photos   -  CMT's Next Superstar - Ep. 108

Next Challenge Contestants Danielle and Matt wait to find out what their challenge will be this week.
Making a Plan Steven Clawson talks about his plan for this week's task.
Beginning Stages Matt Mason talks during the beginning stages of the new challenge.
New Task Danielle Lauderdale creates a plan for today's task.
Advice Danielle Lauderdale gets advice from others on the making of a music video.
Meeting the Director Steven Clawson meets the director of his music video.
Music Video Shooting Danielle Lauderdale begins shooting her music video.
Apprehensive Danielle Lauderdale is apprehensive during the shooting of her music video.
Making a Music Video Matt Mason plays guitar during the making of his music video.
Final Touches Matt Mason watches his music video being put together.
Final Product The final three contestants watch the music videos they've created.
Results The final three contestants wait to hear the results.
Danielle Lauderdale Danielle Lauderdale performs.
Steven Clawson Steven Clawson performs.
Anxious Moments Steven and Danielle wait to hear what their fate is.