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Photos   -  Concrete Country: Nikki Lane

Lights of Nashville Country artist Nikki Lane performs for <I>Concrete Country</I> in the glow of the Nashville lights.
For the Fans A crowd of fans gather to watch artist Nikki Lane and her band perform in Nashville.
Magic at the Mic Singer-songwriter Nikki Lane performs on the streets of Nashville -- her adopted hometown.
Blended Harmonies Singer Nikki Lane and her backing band perform together in Nashville.
Ambient Glow Singer Nikki Lane pauses during her set while taping <I>Concrete Country</I>.
Rockabilly on the Street Singer Nikki Lane and her band perform together on the streets in Nashville.
A Girl and Her Guitar Country artist Nikki Lane plays her own brand of rockabilly country in Nashville.
Her Own Style Country artist Nikki Lane brings her own style of music to the streets of Nashville.
Her Own Style Singer-songwriter Nikki Lane against a Nashville urban backdrop
No Apologies Singer-songwriter Nikki Lane delivers her honest lyrics on the set.