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Photos   -  Country Fried Home Videos Ep. 403

Fishing for Dogs Dog-biscuit fishing
A Crush A honda is crushed by a bulldozer.
Free Ride A goat chatches a ride on a cow.
Fun on Skis A kid water skis on a bar stool.
Fun on Skis A kid water skis on a bar stool.
Moto Crash A motorcycle t-bones another.
Not a Good Idea A treadmill handstand goes bad.
World's Strongest Redneck One-armed curl.
Look Out A breakdancer kicks a little girl.
Explode Blowing up pumpkins
Pickin' Pumpkins Picking out the perfect pumpkin to blow up.
Big Crash Two RVs crash into each other.
Just Jousting Mini-bike jousting.
Fun with Chairs Classroom chair trick flip.
Stuck Bear A bear's head gets stuck.
Pig Girl Pig girl
Nice Pet Vultures in a house
Jump Rope An unusual way to jump rope
Water Works A truck crashes into a pool.
Slide A salt truck and van slide into cars.
Heather Heather LaCroix - .22 to .44