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Photos   -  Country Fried Home Videos Ep. 407

Stroller Incident This kid couldn't outrun the stroller.
Bump! This child runs over his brother in their toy jeep.
Rides Bike Into Tree This child couldn't avoid riding right into a tree.
Skydiver This skydiver goes back into the plane.
Flying High The skydiver is flying next to a plane.
A Smooth Jump This guy makes a jump on his minibike.
What a Landing After making the jump on his minibike, his pants fall down.
Skating This skater risks going down a railing.
Ouch! This didn't turn out like he planned.
A Smooth Transfer He transfers from one four-wheeler to another.
Pop a Wheelie He celebrates with a wheelie after the transfer.
Keeping Up He is running to catch up with his motorcycle.
Coin Toss World's strongest redneck tosses a coin.
Crash A slow tractor crashes into a tree.
Hit the Ramp A biker takes his bike off a ramp.
Too High The ramp takes the biker so high he hits his roof.
Deer and a Baby This baby gets hit by deer antlers.
Slam Dunk Attempting to slam dunk a ball off of a car
Uh Oh! The rim of the basketball hoop breaks.
Hot Food This guy speed eats hotdogs and jalapeños.
Flying Car A copter drops a car in the air.
Smooth Landing The car is almost still in one piece.
Emus in a House These emus are hanging out in a house.
Hungry Emu This emu is getting into some food in the kitchen.