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Photos   -  Country Fried Home Videos Ep. 408

Watch Out for That Tree A biker rides straight into a tree.
Mobile Muffins Cruisin' the street in a muffin
Long Tongue This dog has a hard time keeping that long tongue in its mouth.
Flip This racecar flips over a bystander.
Watch Out! These two head straight for each other.
Saw This Coming These two were headed for disaster.
Escape One dog helps the others escape.
Dog Plays Catch This dog can play catch by itself.
Ready, Go! This dog prepares to play catch with itself.
Airborn! This motor bike tries to jump wind machines.
Crash This motor bike didn't quite make the jump.
Skateboard This guy is playing basketball on a skateboard.
Just a Swinging Excavator swing
Mondo Spider This guy goes down the street in a mondo spider.
Ready for Takeoff This flying car is coming off the ground.
Flying Car This car is flying in the air.
Crash This motorcyclist had an accident.
Trampoline Ski Jump This guy attempts to ski off the trampoline.
Mad Bull This bull steps hard on the rider's leg.
Blader This blader goes down steep concrete.
Face Plant This blader lands face down on the concrete.
Redneck Raquetball Shotguns are used to play redneck raquetball.
Raquetball These guys are playing raquetball with shotguns.
World's Strongest Redneck This redneck carries an air conditioner unit.
Air Conditioner World's strongest redneck mows with a lawn mower and an air conditioner unit.
The Best of Scott He may have a little too much alcohol for one picnic.