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Photos   -  Country Fried Home Videos Ep. 410

Airborn! This dirt bike is off the ground.
How Did This Happen? This kid gets run over by his own dirt bike.
Cat Tricks This cat hangs on to the rope during a trick.
Don't Fall This cat travels down the ropes on a ball.
Work It Out These cats enjoy long walks on the treadmill.
Cat Fight This cat gets in a fight with a girl.
Meow It looks like the cat has got this fight won.
Caped Skateboarder This guy is skateboarding with a cape on.
Hit the Road This skater hits the road hard when he falls.
Cut Cheese This tablesaw is used to cut cheese.
Muddy This skateboarder face plants into the mud.
Crash This guy crashes his longboard on a country road.
Face Dance This girl uses strings to make her face dance.
Gator Wrestling This guy is wrestling with an alligator.
Gator Surfing Forget the surf board, you can surf on an alligator.
Basketball These ball players are shooting hoops on unicycles.
Shave Your Legs This girl is shaving her legs with EZ cheese instead of shaving cream.
Snack Time While shaving your legs with EZ cheese, you will always have a snack. Yum!
Wing Eating He puts his face in dressing while eating wings.
Are You Ready for Some Football? These ball players have a different way of playing football.
Human Goal Post These players play football using people as goal posts.
Watch Out! Helen Keller falls off the stage.
Stilts This guy must be strong if he can use a ladder as stilts.
World's Strongest Redneck The world's strongest redneck is using a ladder for stilts.
What a Face This kid pops their eyelids.
Collide These jet skis hit each other.
Snowmobile This snowmobile takes out a few guys.