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Photos   -  Country Fried Home Videos Ep. 501

Kiddie Bike Kids these days are going downhill fast.
Crashin' It's naptime at the track.
Easy Rider C'mon baby, let's go for a ride.
Hitchhiker I can't shake this baby!
Goose Attack Attack of the killer goose
Getting Tackled Please, sir, can I just run out of bounds?
Who's Got the Ball? I don't even like football.
A New Duo? Can't a baby get a nap?
Funny Car Crash Keep on rollin'.
Hit the Wall This is the exact moment Jeff failed his driver's test.
Dorm Crash Who said doing laundry was a chore?
Lift Me Up The first time he's ever picked up a cheerleader.
What a Downer He won't be the last guy to let her down.
Kung Fu Fighting Kickin' it in the basement
Yeowch! Face in the corner pocket
Extreme Basketball This is what happens when basketball season is over.
Hang In There I think I found the problem.
Ice Sculpture I present to you: lady on bed of ice.
Sculpture Shatters The thing about beautiful women -- they're more fragile.
High Bar Gymnast You think he can stick the landing?
Using His Head And he nails the dismount.
Naked Street Biker Has anybody seen my clothes?
Naked Street Bike Crash Has anyone seen my skin?
Ping Pong You can't handle this!
Keep Your Eye on the Ball Dancin' like I've never danced before
Pickup Crash I don't think I'm doing this right.
Pickup Crash and Roll I hate Tuesdays.
Boat Crash Look ma, no oars!
Boat Sink I think I'm gonna need a bigger boat.
Boys and Their Toys Let's get ready to wedgie!