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Photos   -  Country Fried Home Videos Ep. 504

Guy Jumps Off Motorcycle I bet he got sand in his shorts.
Jet Outhouse That was some nasty chili.
Jet Outhouse Out 'n' abouthouse
Motorcycle in House The worse housekeeper ever
Motorcycle in House This is what happens when friends let a friend's dirt bike in the house.
Duct Taped to Ceiling Now they'll know where he always is.
Duct Taped to Ceiling At least they put down a mattress.
Dog Keyboard Smells like I'm in the key of E.
Dog Keyboard He's a howl of a singer.
Fainting Goats Now you know what farmers do with their goats.
Fainting Goats Scaredy goat
Ice Pants The best way to stay cool on a hot day?
Ice Pants Oh, great. Now I have to bleach my eyes!