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Photos   -  Country Fried Home Videos Ep. 506

Little Car Big Wheels Flip If you can read this, I'm doing it wrong.
Little Car Big Wheels Flip America's favorite new sport: Roof Racing!
Peewee Moto Start Line Crash It's the biggest peewee race in the world.
Peewee Moto Start Line Crash Get out of my race!
Yellow Rider Start Line Neon yellow? Is this guy stuck in the 80's?
Yellow Rider Start Line Nope, just stuck at the starting line.
Duct Tape Fashion Show She's modeling a DIY outfit: "Duct It Yourself."
Duct Tape Fashion Show If it's broke, she can fix it. With her dress.
Knife Tricks Leave knife tricks to the professionals... and this guy.
Knife Tricks This guy is a turkey's worst enemy.
Talking Goat His name is Vincent van Goat.
Talking Goat He don't give a bleat.