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Photos   -  Country Fried Home Videos Ep. 507

White Lowrider Flips He's up...
White Lowrider Flips ... and he's over.
Chute Catches Plane Never jump out of a plane with your chute open.
Chute Catches Plane Unless you want to grab some tail.
Burger Grease Art Gotcha!
Burger Grease Art Why is drawing facial hair with hamburgers so hard?
Horse Rider Fall ... on your back.
Horse Rider Fall Riding bareback is hard...
Deer Plays With Plastic How you doin'?
Deer Plays With Plastic Piggy back ride...
Basement Prank The return of One-Eyed Willie!
Basement Prank Never scare a man who throws a mean right hook.
Rats Love Cats Can you feel the love tonight?
Rats Love Cats And they lived happily ever after.
Slow Loris Tickle It's a tickle-me-loris.
Slow Loris Tickle The happiest loris on the planet.
Funny Car Hits Wall There are no barriers to your success.
Funny Car Hits Wall Except this one.
Dragster's Front End Flies He's all fired up.
Dragster's Front End Flies What a drag.
Dragsters Slam Wall If he aim's it just right...
Dragsters Slam Wall ... he takes out the competition.
310 Ft. Jump He's waaaaaaaay up there.
310 Ft. Jump He's going the distance.
Girls Watch Faceplant Please don't land on the girls.
Girls Watch Faceplant Beach bummer.
Car Backs Onto Cop You know our show. This can't be just a routine stop.
Car Backs Onto Cop Remember: R is for reverse, not for roll forward.
Ship Rope Swing Crash Ready...
Ship Rope Swing Crash the boat's captain is a real back breaker.