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Photos   -  Country Fried Home Videos Ep. 508

Moto And Pickup Burno Two burnouts at one time.
Moto And Pickup Burno Do you smell burning rubber?
Boat Fire With all that water, you would think they could put the fire out.
Boat Fire At least the red flag guy is doing his job.
Clogging Ventriloquist Where are her hands?
Clogging Ventriloquist I can't believe you just said that.
Bacon Explosion Six feet of bacon... life doesn't get any better than this!
Bacon Explosion A bacon explosion in your mouth.
Guy Spins Escalator Stuck in a spin cycle.
Guy Spins Escalator The sad thing is, he's still there today.
Superbikes Slide Sleeping on the job.
Superbikes Slide He's a backslider.
Burning Car Rear End If your chute bursts into flames, you have a major problem.
Burning Car Rear End Hey, buddy, the fire is on the other side.
Moto Backflip Crash Now, with 100% more face plant.
Moto Backflip Crash If the crash didn't hurt, the dirt bike will.
Motos Crash Off Side A perfect view of the ramp.
Motos Crash Off Side A lousy view of the ramp.
Red Bike Into Tires Never, ever leave your bike.
Red Bike Into Tires The easiest way to get road rash.
Bowling Ball Ceiling Too much backswing equals...
Bowling Ball Ceiling ... ball in ceiling.
Woman Full Of Food So many wieners.
Woman Full Of Food It's wiener-licious!
Cow Tangled Swingset Cows love to play.
Cow Tangled Swingset But they don't like to share.
Cow Drinks From Udder Motherly love.
Cow Drinks From Udder I guess some people like this sort of thing.
Mouse Trap Paper Rock This is what "pain" looks like. "Pain" or "Dumb," you decide.
Mouse Trap Paper Rock C'mon, scissors.