CMT - Get country.

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High Bar Gymnast You think he can stick the landing?
Using His Head And he nails the dismount.
Naked Street Biker Has anybody seen my clothes?
Naked Street Bike Crash Has anyone seen my skin?
Ping Pong You can't handle this!
Keep Your Eye on the Ball Dancin' like I've never danced before
Pickup Crash I don't think I'm doing this right.
Pickup Crash and Roll I hate Tuesdays.
Boat Crash Look ma, no oars!
Boat Sink I think I'm gonna need a bigger boat.
Boys and Their Toys Let's get ready to wedgie!
Fun With a Ladder I believe I can fly.
Pitcher's Arm I bet I can throw this brick through this silo.
Uh Oh ... Run away! Run away!
Airborn! This dirt bike is off the ground.
How Did This Happen? This kid gets run over by his own dirt bike.
Cat Tricks This cat hangs on to the rope during a trick.
Don't Fall This cat travels down the ropes on a ball.
Work It Out These cats enjoy long walks on the treadmill.
Cat Fight This cat gets in a fight with a girl.
Meow It looks like the cat has got this fight won.
Caped Skateboarder This guy is skateboarding with a cape on.
Hit the Road This skater hits the road hard when he falls.
Cut Cheese This tablesaw is used to cut cheese.
Muddy This skateboarder face plants into the mud.
Crash This guy crashes his longboard on a country road.
Face Dance This girl uses strings to make her face dance.
Gator Wrestling This guy is wrestling with an alligator.
Gator Surfing Forget the surf board, you can surf on an alligator.
Basketball These ball players are shooting hoops on unicycles.