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Shave Your Legs This girl is shaving her legs with EZ cheese instead of shaving cream.
Snack Time While shaving your legs with EZ cheese, you will always have a snack. Yum!
Wing Eating He puts his face in dressing while eating wings.
Are You Ready for Some Football? These ball players have a different way of playing football.
Human Goal Post These players play football using people as goal posts.
Watch Out! Helen Keller falls off the stage.
Stilts This guy must be strong if he can use a ladder as stilts.
World's Strongest Redneck The world's strongest redneck is using a ladder for stilts.
What a Face This kid pops their eyelids.
Collide These jet skis hit each other.
Snowmobile This snowmobile takes out a few guys.
Oil Change Oops This car goes into a hole while trying to get an oil change.
Blonde Drives Car Into Hole This car goes straight onto the hole in the ground.
Watch Out! They don't even realize there is a hole in the ground when they enter the garage.
Van Into Hole Another vehicle drives right into the hole in the ground.
World's Fastest Banjo Player This guy can play a mean banjo.
That's Fast He sure can pick that banjo quickly.
Burnout This guys makes a smiley face by doing a burnout on his motorcycle.
Smile Here is the smiley face made by the burnout on the motorcycle.
Pool Trick This guy does a trick while playing pool.
Turn a Flip This rider does a flip on a dirt bike.
A Bad Landing The dirt bike lands on the rider's head.
A Fish These roomates are playing around with a fish.
Fish Slap This guys slaps his roommate in the face with a fish.
Burnout This car does a burnout and catches fire.
Minibike Burnout This guy attempts to do a burnout on his minibike.
Crash Landing He falls off his minibike during the burnout.
Sleepy Baby This baby gets a nap in on the couch.
Sleep Sitting Up This baby can even sleep while sitting up.
Skeet Shooting This guy is skeet shooting in the woods.