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Dragsters Slam Wall If he aim's it just right...
Dragsters Slam Wall ... he takes out the competition.
310 Ft. Jump He's waaaaaaaay up there.
310 Ft. Jump He's going the distance.
Girls Watch Faceplant Please don't land on the girls.
Girls Watch Faceplant Beach bummer.
Car Backs Onto Cop You know our show. This can't be just a routine stop.
Car Backs Onto Cop Remember: R is for reverse, not for roll forward.
Ship Rope Swing Crash Ready...
Ship Rope Swing Crash the boat's captain is a real back breaker.
Airbag Skate Shot Airbag + Skateboard = Dumb.
Airbag Skate Shot Airbag Airhead.
Fire Hydrant Slide This is why he is no longer the fire marshal.
Fire Hydrant Slide The fire hydrant ain't the only thing that's red.
Double Fence Shot He's entering the pole position.
Double Fence Shot He's on the fence.
Kite Surfer Crash I can fly!
Kite Surfer Crash I can crash!
Wakeboarder Shot When you're wakeboarding...
Wakeboarder Shot ... Wear the necessary safety equipment.
Saran Wrap Prank She never saw it coming.
Saran Wrap Prank Now that's a face you want to wake up to in the morning.
Sleeping Friend Raft Sleeping with the fishes.
Sleeping Friend Raft Now that's what I call a waterbed!
Giant Pet Hornet I like big bugs and I cannot lie.
Giant Pet Hornet Hmmm... your fingernail tastes like honey.
ATV Flips Back On Couple The couple that rides together, flips together.
ATV Flips Back On Couple Somebody get this ATV off my back!
Skateboarder Pole Crash I'm da Man, I'm da Man...
Skateboarder Pole Crash I'm down.