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Duct Tape Fashion Show She's modeling a DIY outfit: "Duct It Yourself."
Duct Tape Fashion Show If it's broke, she can fix it. With her dress.
Knife Tricks Leave knife tricks to the professionals... and this guy.
Knife Tricks This guy is a turkey's worst enemy.
Talking Goat His name is Vincent van Goat.
Talking Goat He don't give a bleat.
Radio Control Car Hits Brand New Cam Ramp it up!
Radio Control Car Hits Brand New Cam At least it's not a real car. But it IS a real camera.
Paraglider Crash Up, up and away ... she hopes.
Paraglider Crash When trees attack!
Chin-Up Breaks Put your chin into it!
Chin-Up Breaks OK, that counts as one.
Playground Strong Man, it's windy today.
Playground Strong This guy's muscles have muscles.
Scooter Lady Faceplant Traffic is bumper to bump her.
Scooter Lady Faceplant Check out the tooter on that scooter.
Car Slam at Car Wash Mind if I park here?
Car Slam at Car Wash Washed, waxed and wrecked
Woman Driver Crash This is why racecar drivers should never turn right.
Woman Driver Crash When this race started, I had wheels.
Bendy Feel Walker I'm not sure if he's coming or going.
Bendy Feel Walker The amazing backwards walking man
Biker Upside down, on a bicycle, in the street ... and HE's the safety guy?
Biker Biker Fox for president!
Bison Attacks Man Uh oh, they're mad about the nickels.
Bison Attacks Man This guy gets buffalo winged.
Can Sneaks Up on Cat Cat fight!
Cat Sneaks Up on Cat Be very very quiet ... I'm hunting cat.
Leaf Blower Boy It's like a backwards sneeze.
Leaf Blower Boy He's feeling nipple-y.