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Leg Caught in Rope The right way to swing ...
Leg Caught in Rope ... the wrong way to swing.
Turtle vs. Boot He's got him in a toehold.
Turtle vs. Boot He's going to sneaker one in.
Cross Country Weelie He's wheelie good.
Cross Country Weelie If you can read my bike pants, you're too close.
Moose and Dog The dog knows the best bone is the moose knuckle.
Moose and Dog Curb your moose.
Geese Eat Off Man I'll start quacking. You take his wallet.
Geese Eat Off Man Mmm ... belly bread
Bro and Sis Bang Heads Lord of the bedroom dance
Bro and Sis Bang Heads Big brother is whacking you.
Rubber Band Ball Be sure to buckle up your ball.
Rubber Band Ball Caution: Ball Crossing
Ceiling Fan Donuts Don't get glaze in your eye.
Ceiling Fan Donuts This is much better than when they tried it with egg salad.
Rolls and Crash He's taking it up on two wheels.
Rolls and Crash I am totally gonna get sand in my helmet.
Drag Car Slides Drag racing rule No. 1 ... no turning.
Drag Car Slides Yard sale!
Mace Race Attention, idiots!
Mace Race Jerry swears by his skim milk shampoo.
Air Cannon Backyard bazooka
Air Cannon A boy and his toy
Pogo Girl Fiddles Around She's got way too many after-school activities.
Pogo Girl Fiddles Around Look ma, one foot!
Bridesmaid Faints Who's it gonna be?
Bridesmaid Faints And she's down!
Ball Bunted Into Face Facing the bunt
Ball Bunted Into Face Bunting the face