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Duct Taped to Ceiling At least they put down a mattress.
Dog Keyboard Smells like I'm in the key of E.
Dog Keyboard He's a howl of a singer.
Fainting Goats Now you know what farmers do with their goats.
Fainting Goats Scaredy goat
Ice Pants The best way to stay cool on a hot day?
Ice Pants Oh, great. Now I have to bleach my eyes!
Redneck Swing Backseat swinger
Redneck Tire Swing Three more payments and this baby is all his.
Steep Water Slide A tough guy slip 'n' slide
Steep Water Slide His board shorts are now a thong.
Tennis Balls to Head Somebody give this guy a racket.
Tennis Balls to Head Forty three is too old to be a ball boy.
Hockey Streaker Do NOT get hip-checked by this guy.
Hockey Streaker He scored because the goalie was covering his eyes.
Dad Smash Frat Table Super-dad!
Dad Smash Frat Table But son is super embarrassed.
Crashing Parachuter's Point of View Hello, ladies.
Crashing Parachuter's Point of View Mind if I drop in?
Backflip Faceplant Call it in the air. Heads or tails?
Backflip Faceplant Hmm ... looks like heads.
Turtle Catches Pigeon Hey, pigeon, wanna go for a swim?
Turtle Catches Pigeon Turtles know pigeons make good floaties.
Butt Golf There's a crack in his tee.
Butt Golf Golf is a tough man's sport.
Monkey and Cat Uh ... she had something in her eye.
Monkey and Cat Revenge never smelled so sweet.
Blindfolded Football Where is everybody?
Blindfolded Football It's kinda like getting tackled by a pickup truck.
Pitbull and Bunny I leave stuff on the lawn bigger than you.