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Pitbull and Bunny I won't eat you ... yet.
Truck Engine Cook Huevos Van-cheros
Truck Engine Cook And there are hash browns in the alternator.
Backflip Faceplant ... Again Oh, this should go much better.
Backflip Faceplant ... Again Same face smash, different day
Heather and Shotgun Whatever you say, dear.
Heather and Shotgun Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?
Rally Car Crash This is why you don't race sideways.
Rally Car Crash His trunk is junk.
Trick Shots Time for a little "ranch-ball"
Trick Shots From the gate, off the truck, nothing but net.
Excavator Tire Swing Jerry's first day on the construction site
Excavator Tire Swing Jerry's last day on the construction site
Moto and Biker Slide Weather report: Rainy with an 80 percent chance of wreckin'.
Moto and Biker Slide Whoa, look at that skid mark.
World's Fastest Backhoe It can dig 0-60 ditches in 4.5 seconds.
Girl Biker Hits Photographer Please don't run me over.
Boat Flips He's spraying all the water out of the lake.
Boat Flip I think we were supposed to turn right.
Raccoon in Wall The bandit gained entry through the wall.
Raccoon in Wall Make me some muffins!
Monster Smart Car The smartest car on four wheels
Big Rig Wedding Limo Goin' to the truck stop and we're gonna get married.
Midget Car Fire These fire extinguishers don't seem to work.
Midget Car Fire If more people stand around the fire, it'll go out faster.
ATV Chases Guy Downhill I'm feelin' a little tipsy.
ATV Chases Guy Downhill It's the fastest he's run since the great donut sale of 1998.
Logger Woman Just a girl, a chain saw and a giant log
Logger Woman Look out below!
Hail Cracks Windshield Hail of a storm!